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(36) Oscar Cota

Hey Daniel.....Its been 8 years since I met you at Newcomb's during the summer of 2005. I still carry your Highway 2 sticker on my bike and helmet. I remember us celebrating Denise's 'birthday at the Yard House in Pasadena. I remember you hitting that deer on your brand new Gixxer at the crest that day. I remember our daily "after work" rides up to Newcomb's for coffee. I miss seeing your name on my phone when it rings calling me to say "Hey, we going for a ride, meet us at the Shell". I have ridden the Crest maybe 3 times since you left us.....I have a hard time enjoying the ride knowing that you won't be coming up behind me for the pass. Thank you for making "the ride" mean more to me than it ever did. I hope to see you again someday.

(35) Eileen

I didn't know the web page changed. I really love this one. The pic of Daniel is a nice one! WE MISS HIM EVERYDAY! Miss his laughter and just his awesome heart!!! I hope you Billy and your family, Danielle and Omri are all doing well. I know you all have a guardian angel watching over you all. One day you will all reunite.

(34) Eileen & Gilbert Martinez

4 years gone our beautiful friend!!! We miss you everyday. Hope to see you one day again. Man how we wish you could be here with all of us today. So much to say and do. We could go on for hours but if you could hear our thoughts know that you are forever in our thoughts and heart and know that we are all taking care of Dee Dee and that she misses and loves you always.. Blessings to the whole Amiel family. Rest in peace brother!!!!!