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(39) eileen martinez

just thinking of our dear friend, beloved Daniel.... rest in peace friend. It's been along time now and we still miss you all the time. WISH YOU WERE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! Gone too soon......Angel in the sky........ Omri and Daniele if you read this, your dad is truly missed and we hope you are all well. Sending love and thoughts from California

(38) Daniel Amiel

My dearest daddy, at this moment I'm in NJ with Roni Elysia and their kids, I'm sitting out side, thinking, wondering how our life moved on without u inside them, missing u and thinking of u every's almost six years since you've passed away, feels like a long long time ago. I wish I could see u for just one last time. There are no words that I can really say to express those feelings inside, I know your here with me, for the first time in my life I can actually feel u, watching me, like your sitting right here. Please know you are forever in my heart&soul, love u deepest then anything. Forever young daddy .. Your baby girl daniel.

(37) Lew

After all these years I still think of Daniel and give a nod of respect whenever I pass the place where he left this life.