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(6) Omri Amiel

My dad I had the need to write to you, I am proud being your son, I miss you, your voice your laugh our conversations. no one can understand the pain that I am going through. I am sure you went to a better place. I love you dad, and I hope you’ll sleep well now. i think about you every day. your omri.

(5) Robi

Dear Mish, you were my Mish. The father of the 2 angels that we have. so much pain & tears nothing can make someone understand what we had and things we went throw.... I know how you felt but I couldn't know... you will always but always be my true love . Take care of us from heaven because I’m taking care of our dear Daniel & Omri from here. See you when I see you . your lovelta.

(4) Eileen Martinez

Your generous heart, Your guiding light, Your compassionate soul, Your unforgettable insight, Your cheerful laugh, Your kind spirit & smile, Will forever be missed, but all the while, Your memory will live on, through all of us, your family, your friends, through the good and the bad, never forgotten, until our end, we will one day reunite, in the heavens above, you will be there to greet us, with open arms and hugs. To hear you say my brother, baby, dammmit and more, we will wait for that day for we know what's in store, one day for us, we will meet again to see one of gods angels open the gates of heaven and bring us all home. "Carry on my wayward son, there's no peace, now that you are gone" lay your weary head to rest" the angels are singing rejoicing your presence. You have done your will on earth, rest your restless soul and be at peace with the lord our brother, our dear friend. Forever in our hearts!!! Your Sister Eileen