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(9) Denise Amiel

I'm here in your home and resting place of Israel along with your family that is an extension of you and have embraced me out of the Love for you. We gather to honor your life, love and respect of the greatest love and Man I have ever known and so blessed to be a part of and call my husband, my guiding light, my friend who continues to inspire me as you have left such a profound impact on my heart and soul along with others. As my love for you continues all the while my heart aches as I face this life without you. Every day is a challenge and a blessing. The tears remain but the loves continues. I see how your beautiful angels "Danielle & Omri" are so much of you. It truly is the closest thing to having you here as they will continue as you will live on through them both. I breath in this air as I walk and try to capture what has been your home & it is so bitter sweet!! You will remain my home sweet home. I am loving you & missing you ever so much. In Gods hands may you remain in hopes of us uniting once again. Your Dede

(8) Raquel Neria

It’s almost been a year Danny.. And we all still miss you very much. We miss having you at our parties and that smile you had on your face always brought smiles to everyone’s face. I know you are watching down on all of us. Thank you for the time that we shared together... miss you Danny.

(7) Lorena Ramirez

I was really blessed that God put you in my life and that I knew you as a co-worker. It was an honor to work with you and to have you as a friend. You are truly missed. Whenever you walked in the room there was sunshine. You always made everyone laugh. We love you very much and Rest in Peace. You will always be in our hearts!!! Lorena