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(12) Eileen Martinez

Just wanted to drop in and say although it's been a little over a year, our brotha is still in our hearts and we still continue to miss him. He will always be in our hearts and thoughts. Rest on our dearest brotha. We know that you are smiling above us and soaring through the winds.

(11) Linda Wucherpfennig

Daniel My Friend, I miss you madly but your laughter and joy is always in my heart which brings me comfort. Wherever I ride the wind reminds me of you and brings even more joy to my ride. I will always carry you in my heart and for you now everyday is......"THE BEST DAY OF THE WEEK"!! I send to your family my thoughts and the joy of your memory so they may find peace until we are all reunited again! Catch you in the wind my friend!! Love you!! Linda

(10) Darren Martinelli

not a ride goes by that i don't feel your presence, protecting and watching over me on the crest... tears come to my eyes often when i see pictures of you... i always enjoyed seeing you pull into the ranch, take off the helmet, and you could almost see the stress of the day falling away... i miss you brother... PEACE!!!