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(18) Al

I don’t even know where to start...not because I don’t have anything to say...because i have so much to say...these pictures are so friend you have never looked better...i miss your friendship...your laughter...the stupid you’d say...other then children...and you know one else has ever impacted my life the way you have I’m sorry I haven’t been celebrate your memories but i have been a little’re in my heart and always on my your brother from another mother...

(17) Sophie Lovos

I miss you my brother. No other man can walk in your shoes, that's a fact, and no other man can bring friends together as you did. So non-judgmental, loving, caring, so YOU! You and the memories that we all made together will always live in my heart no matter how things and people change, you will always remain YOU! The perfect example of LOVE! Your sistah from another mistah, Sophie.

(16) Omri Amiel

i miss you dad