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(21) James

The "Best Day of the Week" just hasn't been the same without you. But we remember you always. We miss you Danny

(20) Gilbert

My dear Brotha, Well, your anniversary is quickly approaching once again. Some time has passed but yet I miss you like you had just left us yesterday. I miss your smile, your silly dances and your wonderful sense of humor and most of all I miss your un-selfishness. The way you always put everyone ahead of yourself, the way you made me smile no matter how down I may have been. Getting together on those long summer nights enjoying a nice cold beer and just talking about what the future might hold in store for us. Unfortunately, your life was cut short, life had different plans for you, rarely does a day or two go by that you don’t cross my mind and bring a smile to my face. Much has changed since we last saw each other, some good, some not so good but Id like to think that youre keeping a watchful eye on all of us. Once again its a beautiful summer night and Ill sit here having a cold one thinking about you, hoping you could be here to enjoy the moment. Although you were only in my life a short period of time, I consider myself very fortunate to have had you be a part of it. I hope that one day you and I will have the opportunity to see each other once again. BTW, with all our ups and downs I know you’d be proud to hear that Ashleigh graduated high school. Your Brotha from another mother Gil

(19) Eileen

Where to begin...I can usually flow with my writing but all I can say for now is I can't believe it will be 2 years in another day. My friend, my brotha how you are missed so dearly. You have remained in our hearts and on our minds since you left us. Gil and I reflect upon so many memories we all shared. As Soph said, no one can replace you as you had this gift of compassion and love for all those who came in contact with you. You brought us all together on so many occasions and that my friend will always be a blessing to us. We love ya Brotha! Always in our hearts, REST IN PEACE