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(24) Denise Amiel

I struggle to find the words to express . Your death is just as much a part of my life now as you were here in the last years of your life . I suffer in silence many of days as you are the tears I cry both happy & sad. These were thee happiest times of my life. One thing is for certain & that is change is certain and there are no promises of tomorrow. I try daily to be happy & have given myself permission to move forward & look to the Lord as you had hoped for me. It motivates me even more as we are merely residents of this earth and citizens of Heaven .. The place you and my Mom call home. Heaven is that much closer now Peace n Love Hombre

(23) Eileen

although we celebrate the life of our dearest brotha, husband, father, just signifies TWO YEARS GONE...TOO SOON!!!!!!! May our dearest Daniel always rest in peace and may he always know what a blessing he was to all of us. May we all meet up with him again upon our demise and walk through gates with him to meet our maker. We know he will be standing there against his motorcycle smiling at us.

(22) Ian

Cheers Daniel. Maybe you will pass me this morning on the way up.