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(27) Pedro Mendoza

Daniel: I was thinking about you today, so I googled this website. I had no idea that it's been two years almost to the day, but I'm sure it's not a coincidence. My mind must still remember the heartbreak from when Erick called me to tell me. I was 19 when I started working at the car dealer with you and you helped me so much, man. It was the perfect time to work alongside you because I was still finding my place in this world. You weren't just my mentor on how to do my job, but on everything. You helped me learn to stay positive, to get the most out of life, and to better myself and achieve greater things. Thank you so much for the support when I wanted to join the military-- I'm still in the Air Force and it's been a great career so far. I don't what else to say but that I can still hear you when I remember you and it makes me happy. You are so sorely missed, but I'm happy I got the chance to get to know you and I will continue to follow your example, brother.

(26) Emil Machac

Daniel - I think about you every ride on the Crest - I miss the sound of your Ducati, the smile that always greeted us as you pulled your helmet off - - and the conversations that kept us all entertained. Hard to keep the tears back as I write this!!!

(25) Elysia Amiel

The world is a little sadder today remembering the loss of the light you brought to everyone's life. I see your spirit in my son's desire to make others laugh and his curls. I can only hope he turns out to be as wonderful a man as you