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(30) Eileen

A day late but Happy Birthday Brotha From Anotha Motha! May you rest in peace. We miss you always.

(29) Christine

Our Dearest Danny, Where to begin! Like many have said we miss you dearly! Funny and I have talked about you often remembering the little things that you would say that would either put a smile on everyones face or make us burst out laughing. Adriana, although she was younger when you were still here with us still remembers how you used to call her your baby and the way that you would say DeeDee. Our Sunday bbq's at my mom and dads are not the same since you left us. When you would walk around the corner of the house in your work clothes and yell your usual hey. Mikie running over to greet you or you asking where Funny was if he wasn't there. And lets not forget your famous use of that;s bull s*^t when I would answer your question. We will forever miss you Danny! Your will always be in our hearts and our memories! Love you always Kiki & Funny!

(28) Yamira

Wow, it's been a little more than two years that you have left us. Even though I had not seen you before I will always remember your bright smile, and your friendly good morning at the bank. You were like a brother to me. Your friendship meant so much to me and my family that when we heard the news it broke our hearts and till date we reminisce about the get togethers we had at the house. Continue resting in peace and know that we will never forget you. Thanks for being you.