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(45) Tovy

Miss you
Hoop we ride again

(44) טובי

חבר אתה חסר
יום יבוא ונצא לרכיבה קלה על כלכלה
Hear your voice your advices
Miss you

(43) Denise Amiel

You would of turned 50 Years Young..
I can't believe the years that have come and gone
as the Healing ,the longing, the Missing & Love continues . The thoughts and memories of you still fill my mind with so much joy but it quickly turns into sadness because it was cut so short.God sent you to shower people with Love & Joy like no other. Where can I go with all these feelings to be expressed and unravel I have tucked them so deep within my heart ,still painful because you're gone and you're not coming back I look forward to the day that I will see you in Eternity